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KidCents Charity Marketing Resources

Congratulations on becoming a KidCents charity!

We look forward to working together with your organization to support children’s health and well-being! On this page, you’ll find tools to help you promote becoming a KidCents charity, including logos, social media assets and website banners. You can download all of these (link opens in another window) in one ZIP file or individually from the list below.

Before you get started, please take a look at our KidCents Terms & Conditions (opens window to Terms & Conditions). If you have trouble downloading materials, email and we would be happy to assist you.

Please note: these materials are only available online with your password. We are unable to send files via email or other means.

Download all resources in a ZIP file

Kidcents - Info

KidCents Information Sheet

All the information you need to answer any questions you (or others!) might have about being a KidCents charity!

Download the Information Sheet

Kidcents - Enroll

KidCents Enrollment Instructions

Simple instructions that outline how to enroll in KidCents and designate a charity.

Download the Enrollment Instructions

Kidcents - Logo

KidCents Logos

Download the official KidCents logos to use on your website, your stationary or any other items that your charity could use to spread the KidCents message.


Download logo



Download logo



Download logo


Kidcents - Video

KidCents Video

Our video is an inspirational peek at the huge difference KidCents can make. Here is a direct link to share with your network on your website or other social media channels.

Embed Video from Youtube

Embed Video from Youtube

Embed Video from Youtube

Embed Video from Youtube

Kidcents - Email

Email Template for Charity Contacts

Let your network know that you are now a KidCents charity by customizing this email and letting them know how they can join the program and help your organization.

Download the Email Template

Kidcents - Social

Social Media Sharing

Share the news that you are an official KidCents charity with your social media communities! We created posts that are easy for you to customize as well as images for you to use along with the posts.

Download the Social Information Sheet

Kidcents - Banner

Kidcents - Brochure

KidCents Brochure

Spread the word about KidCents with this printable brochure that gives easy instructions on how to participate in the program and designate YOUR charity organization on the website.

Download the Brochure


Kidcents - Kidchamp

KidChamp Nomination Form

Recognize and reward an individual in your organization that is making a meaningful difference in the lives of the kids in your community. A KIDCHAMP℠ passionately gives his or her time, talent, energy and dedication to improving the health and well-being of children, championing education and academic growth and creating a safe environment for children to live and grow

Download the form