Thank You to Rite Aid for Prescribing Joy! – Adam Salazar

Bastian is one of the over 9,000 seriously ill kids and teens served by CCA each year. With support from the Rite Aid Foundation, we’ve been able to deliver joy, happiness, and friendship to him and his family—when they need it most.

Should you happen to run into Bastian Maciel, don’t be surprised if you see him wearing black OSU stickers under his eyes just like the players do. This good-natured eight-year-old has been a huge Beavers fan ever since CCA got him tickets to a game last year.

Besides sending him to Beaver and Blazer games, CCA has supported him in other ways too. Bastian and his family spent four amazing days at the Caring Cabin and he hangs out with his Chemo Pal, Justin, on a regular basis. “We like to do Legos, and I’ve promised to teach him Minecraft,” said Bastian.

He also enjoys jamming with the MyMusicRx team whenever they stop by. “Bastian told them his favorite song was “House of Gold”, and they came back and performed it for him the very next day,” said his mom, Kim. “Really, CCA has been responsible for a majority of the positive experiences that has come out of his cancer journey.”

That journey started in 2016 when Bastian was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called glioblastoma. Since then, this brave guy has faced multiple rounds of surgery and chemo with a fearless, positive attitude.

“I just try not to think about the scary stuff and think about all the good stuff that’s going to happen after I get through this,” he explained.

Some of that good stuff includes studying to be a vet or maybe a nurse at Randall Children’s Hospital. Until then, Bastian will remain positive with the support of his family, which includes little brother, Konrad, his fraternal twin, Xavier (Bastian is a full minute older!), and his beloved stuffed Husky/Wolf, Fluffy.

Charity: Children’s Cancer Association

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