Thank you KidCents for Making it a Little Bit Sunnier – Adam Salazar

With the incredible support of Rite Aid and the KidCents program, the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) is able to deliver a little more light to an already bright and wonderful young lady through our MyMusicRx program.

Sol is the perfect name for this two-year-old ray of sunshine. Sol loves petting farm animals, pretending to be a dinosaur, blowing bubbles with her Chemo Pal, Emily, and her rubber boots. “She’s all about those boots”, laughed her mom, Ruth. “She even sleeps in them!”

Sol especially loves music, something that’s brought her tremendous joy during her treatments for high-risk stage IV neuroblastoma at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. “The MyMusicRx team has made all the difference,” said Ruth. “It gives her the chance to sing, play, and dance again.”

Ruth shared a specific interaction with the program that especially moved her:

“One time, leaving the ICU, going with Sol to the Oncology unit, we are walking and one of the specialists saw us and came straight to our room and sang Sol to sleep when she was feeling really, very bad. Those moments, you don’t have to make them big things, but it’s those little moments that count.”

Sol has been through a lot since her diagnosis, including multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. However, everyone around her marvels at her courage and good humor.

“The strength of her spirit is unmatched,” said her dad, Andy. “Even after a tough procedure, she’ll give us a smile and a high five.”

“Sol has taught us to live for what’s important and embrace what we have right now,” added Ruth. “She doesn’t dwell—she only remembers the fun and important things.”

With Sol’s perpetually sunny outlook, it seems only fitting that her favorite song is “Best Day of My Life” by the band American Authors. Because the way Sol sees it, every day truly is the best day of her life.

Sol was also named a 2017 CCA Hero and was honored at ceremony in May alongside her family and friends.

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