KidCents helps homeless young people fulfill their potential! – Yvette Sumner

Each night in Seattle, more than 1,000 young people find themselves homeless without a safe place to go. The streets are a dangerous and frightening place to spend the night, particularly for a young person. The Rite Aid Foundation’s KidCents program has helped YouthCare provide support to engage young people without a safe place to turn, to help them stabilize their lives, and to work toward building strong, healthy futures. Thank you! Here is just one example of how the opportunities provided through The Rite Aid Foundation’s support has changed the lives of young people at YouthCare:

YouthCare’s YouthBuild employment training program provides education and employment skills in the construction industry for youth who are homeless or have unstable homes in Seattle-King County. David joined YouthCare’s YouthBuild program as the new father of an infant daughter, without housing, and without his high school diploma. During his six months in YouthBuild he faced multiple setbacks, including health concerns and a fire that destroyed most of his and his family’s belongings. This didn’t faze David, and he maintained his focus on staying healthy, completing the program, and getting a living-wage job to support his family. With YouthCare’s support, David earned his GED and gained all the industry certifications he needed for apprenticeship placement. Upon graduation from YouthBuild, he applied to the Bricklayers Union and was accepted into their apprenticeship program. David tells YouthCare staff how proud he is of his accomplishments, his steady job, and, most importantly, the support he is providing for his daughter!

Charity: YouthCare

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