KidCents Gives Kids in West Virginia a Voice – Mary Lewis

In rural West Virginia, parents of children with disabilities have few options for services and even fewer resources. Thanks to the KidCents program, the Childhood Language Center in Charleston is able to offer high-quality speech therapy services to families across the state at no charge to the family. Clients receive individual therapy, group social activities, yearly evaluations, a week-long summer camp, and a field trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. All of these services are completely free to the families we serve thanks to community-minded organizations, like the KidCents program.

The children who receive therapy at the Childhood Language Center have a variety of different developmental delays. We treat children with speech and language delays, hearing impairments, Autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, cleft palate, apraxia of speech, stuttering, voice disorders, feeding and swallowing disorders, traumatic brain injury, and other disorders. The one thing that all of our children have in common is difficulty communicating.

Can you imagine walking into class on the first day of school and not being able to say your own name? Stuttering, uncontrollably, every time the teacher calls on you? Wanting to make friends, but lacking the social skills to carry on a simple conversation?

Children with speech and language delays often find themselves in these situations, but therapy can help improve their speech clarity, language skills, and confidence. A parent of one of our clients made the following comment:

“Friends who had not seen my son for several months commented to me the marked change in his speech (they could understand him without me ‘translating’) and his improved attitude and demeanor. He is so much happier now that his friends at school can understand him.”

Thank you Rite Aid KidCents for helping to give our kids a voice!

Charity: Childhood Language Center

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