Good to the Sole- Thank you, KidCents! – Amber Lindamood

Hand in Hand’s Safe Place shelter cares for children initially entering the foster care system. Often children enter Safe Place scared, tired and hungry, wearing merely the clothes on their back.

One recent night, a young girl entered our shelter wearing dirty clothing and a pair of shoes that were literally falling apart around her feet. After getting her a clean pair of pajamas and a new blanket, the girl got tucked into bed. While the girl slept soundly, the “Safe Place fairies” (aka the Safe Place staff/miracle workers) got to work washing the clothing items she had come in with and filling her bin with new clothing items and shoes in her size.

When the girl woke up the next morning and saw her bin busting at the seams with new clothing items, her eyes got so big. She excitedly picked out her outfit for the day and set off to change. When she emerged from the bathroom in her new outfit, she had a new energy and happy spirit about her, and then she realized she also received a new pair of shoes. She put her shoes on with the biggest smile on her face and started running up and down the hallways of Safe Place to test them out. The staff members were just as excited for this pair of shoes as the little girl! But the best thing was when she got back from a fieldtrip to the park and realized her socks and her feet were still dry—the look on her face was absolutely priceless as she realized her new shoes were pretty magical!

Thank you, KidCents, for making a difference in the life of a child. Your gift not only provides children with much needed new clothing items, it equips them with sense of confidence and belonging- truly a priceless gift!

Charity: Hand in Hand

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