Friends Youth Mentoring Program Celebrates Mentors! – Laura Scott

Ann and Ennosen were originally matched in the Friends Youth Mentoring Program in August of 2009, making their match anniversary this August the eighth they have celebrated together!

Ennosen first joined the Friends Youth Mentoring Program in hopes that she would learn new things, have access to new experiences, and expand her view of the community as she arrived to the United States from Sudan. Without a doubt, Ann has facilitated those opportunities throughout their eight years together.

As their mentoring relationship has evolved over the years, Ann and Ennosen remain a strong match. Ann has been highly supportive of Ennosen’s participation in extracurricular activities, even frequently cheering her on at track events. When Ennosen was featured in a local newspaper for a state-wide athletic achievement, Ann was the first to cut out the article and present it to her, remarking how proud she was of her.

Whether athletic, leadership, or academic pursuits, Ann encourages Ennosen to reach her goals and applauds her strong work ethic. With positivity and support from a longstanding mentor like Ann, who wouldn’t be motivated to strive towards personal success?

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program is proud of our work in the community and rely of our partners, like KidCents, to make this happen. Thank you!

Charity: Friends Program

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