Free Arts and Harbor Hills Community – Kimberly Carswell

On Wednesday, July 29th, Free Arts provided a Free Arts day program for our Partner Agency, Harbor Hills. A Free Arts day is a safe space for the young people to engage in creative self expression while benefiting from adult mentorship. Free Arts used icebreakers, teambuilders, dialogue, and creative arts programming to provide opportunities for meaningful interactions and creativity!

Our Free Arts day had an “Inside Out” theme, and built upon the 5 emotions of the movie. The young people talked about how each of us have these emotions inside of all us. We talked about how all of your emotions are real, valid, and are important to be aware of. Then we invited everyone to become stars in their own Inside Out movie by drawing and creating their own personal, unique 5 Inside Out emotions.

This activity allowed the young people to use creative art processing to produce a tool they can use to name their emotions. It was truly a joy to witness the young people express themselves in an intentional and fulfilling way.

We culminated the day be each drawing on a puzzle piece, “one thing we are grateful for about our community” and “one thing we want to contribute towards growing our community.” Each child then read their two puzzle pieces and connected it to another child’s piece. The result was truly beautiful!

Charity: Free Arts

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