Disability Action Center’s Camp CAN-DO Made Possible by KidCents. – Julie Sole

Summer Camp is certainly something most everyone can relate to. Close your eyes and go back to those days when you learned to make homemade ice cream, tie rope knots, and work together as a team. The DAC’s Summer Camp is not much different from camps that we remember. We start with those sometimes awkward ice breaker games, make crafts and personal mementos, and partake is lots of eating, lots and lots of eating!! DAC’s Camp CAN-DO while much like camps we remember and hold dear is also different in many ways. The Disability Action Center Camp CAN-DO is about learning, growing, exploring, and proving that our campers CAN-DO Anything. Camp CAN-DO challenges campers to do new things, proving both to themselves and others that they are full of way more ability than they are disability. Camp CAN-DO is not only open to individuals with special needs, but also their siblings, family members, and non-disabled peers. It is truly an inclusive camp where everyone, regardless of age or ability level, feels at home, welcomed and valued. Camp CAN-DO strives to provide an atmosphere of inclusion, personal empowerment, mentoring opportunities, creative expression, and to provide innovative opportunities for campers and their families.
This year, the DAC’s Camp CAN-DO was held July 24-28, 2017 at the Disability Action Center (DAC) and included travel to other accessible locations as part of the camp theme “The DAC is Going Places”. Much emphasis for this year’s camp focused on use of assistive technology in recreation, outdoor activity, and travel. The week-long camp concentrated on acclimating campers to new recreational activities and expanding their horizons through unique travel experiences, especially those experiences previously deemed as unattainable. Campers traveled throughout Marion County to learn about our local history and points of interest including the Marion County Historical Society, Pufferbelly’s Ice Cream Station, WV Folklife Center, and the Homestead Farm Center. Other travel related activities included Cooking around the World, Creating a Personal Passport, and Mapping out future travel goals!
Camp CAN-DO is is open to individuals of all ages with physical and intellectual challenges. Siblings, family members, and community supporters also play an important role in the success and integration of the camps activities. The camp may be a child or family’s first experience with the DAC and lays the ground work for their orientation to the DAC and the wide range of programs that are offered and will be much needed once the child is out of school. This year over 40 campers and their family members participated in the week long camp.
Camp CAN-DO is made possible each year by the DAC’S partnership with Rite Aid KidCents Charity. The KidCents program supports the DAC programs, including Camp CAN-DO, through grants and when supporters “Round Up” and designate change to the DAC. For more information about Camp CAN-DO and other DAC programs you can visit www.disabilityactioncenter.com or call the center at 304-366-3213.

Charity: The Disability Action Center

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