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A Gift for Special Children
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Raising a special needs child requires extra love, patience, and unfortunately, money. With increased doctor and hospital visits, parents sometimes are unable to budget in the costs of extra gas for trips and are unable to pay for the costs of special medications, etc. The organization’s purpose is to support families with funds for specific needs - i.e. gas vouchers, clothing, rent-housing, utilities, food, and much more. The ultimate goal is to keep parents focused on the well-being and health of their family. A Gift for Special Children receives referrals from doctors, hospitals, County agencies, tribal agencies, WIC, the school districts - Birth to 3 Program, other nonprofit agencies, and directly from families.

The organization is a one of a kind charity, run solely by volunteers that help families with financial support, financial planning and ideas on how to navigate difficult paperwork. The overall goal is to help Mason County families to be financially stable so that they can best care for their most precious resources - their children! A Gift for Special Children supports families who have no other resources available. The organization works as a team to meet the needs of the family by networking with other agencies, businesses, and State programs. In 2013, the charity helped with 63 referrals for 27 families.

Joined September 2014
Matlock, WA